Biology - Mrs. MoshierHome Page2014-2015

August 13
Welcome to the first day of school!!

August 14
Reviewed - Class Expectations and Laboratory & Classroom Safety Agreement
Lab & Classroom Safety Agreement
Parent or guardian signature page
Fri 8/15 = 5 extra credit points
Due Mon 8/18 = regular credit
August 15
Discuss Safety Rules and Procedures, Safety equipment, Room diagram
Lab Diagram DUE today

Have a Great Weekend!!
Signed Safety Agreement Due Mon 8/18
Safety Poster Due Wed. 8/20
August 18
Pre-Biology Test
Signed Safety Agreements are Due
August 19
Complete Pre-Biology Test, Work on Safety Poster, Safety Video with fill-in worksheet
Safety Poster Due tomorrow 8/20
August 20
Safety Poster and Safety discussion
Safety Poster Due
August 21
Safety Quiz, pass out Biology books

August 22
Finish Safety Quiz, Book Discussion
Read 2-1,2-2 Due Monday 8/25
August 25
Notes on Scientific Method, Design an experiment-Paper Towel Absorption
Steps DUE Tuesday 8/26
August 26
Class discussion of Scientific Method - work on Steps to experiment
Classroom work Steps DUE 8/27
August 27
Do a practice run of Experiment Paper Towel Absorption

August 28
Complete experiment, collect data

August 29
Analyse data, write conclusion
DUE Tuesday 8/2
Sept 2
Reviewed Paper Towel Absorption Experiment, answer questions
COLLECT Experiment

HW Scientific Method Example DUE 9/3
Sept 3
Flat or balled up Paper Towel Experiment, Video-Biochemistry, Vocab 2-1,2-2
Vocab DUE Fri 9/5 COLLECT Scientific Method
Sept 4
Notes - Biochemistry

Sept 5
Notes - Water

Sept 8
Complete Note Packet on Water, Hand out written notes, Hand out Chemistry Review
Tues start LAB on Properties of Water
HW Chemistry Review Due Wed 9/10
Sept 9
LAB Properties of Water, remember to wear close toed shoes

Sept 10
LAB Properties of Water, close toed shoes

Sept 11
Complete Lab, Review chemistry and water for Test on Tue 9/16
Test 9/16, HW Study for test!!
Sept 15

Sept 16
Test - Water properties and BioChemistry
LAB pH testing
HW work on lab questions
Complete pH Lab and turn in today
HW Read pgs. 44-53
HW Do questions 18- 25 and 33,35,36
All homework is DUE on Mon. 9/22